To be honest, I’ve neglected this blog in the past few months – however, this does not mean I have no content! Although, I have decided to upload all of my notes onto this space after I finish my exams. There is a lot of notes, and it will take me a bit of time to sort onto here in an organised manner.

Due to come, though, will be:

  • Edexcel A Level English Literature Notes on:
    • Duchess of Malfi
    • Poems of the Decade
    • Philip Larkin
  • OCR A Level History Notes on:
    • The Cold War in Europe
    • The Middle East

In a month or so, I’ll start uploading it all – promise!

Nichola x


Resurrection: A2 Content

…It’s been a while. The last time I posted on this page was during my GCSE, but as of recently, I’ve decided it would be nice to have all my content notes on my platform for reference. Primary focuses will be on History (OCR), and English Literature (Edexcel) here.